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Bot for Business Travel

Name Contest created 1 year ago


Bot for Business Travel

Pick the Perfect Name

We are looking for a name for AI based assistant (bot) that can help companies book their business travel (flights, hotels etc).

Name should evoke the feelings of it being easy, simple and effortless while also keeping it professional and business based.

think of it like Siri or Cortana or Alexa but for business travel.

This is NOT a domain name. this is the name of a robot.

We do not want a "Real human" name like Amy, Clara etc but names which are human but not popular (like Siri) are okay.

Name should be easy to pronounce and write.

Our current name for the bot is "Trafla" and we are trying to improve on it.

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: assistant bot easy effortless intelligent smart trip

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