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Need a Cool Name for a New Legal Document Storage Business

The business is website based and allows: 1. People to put their legal documents (like their legal will, power of attorney) in the cloud so that these documents are easily accessed once someone dies 2...

A Cool - Slick - Creative Drone Company Name for the Commercial Service Industry

Drone Service company serving any and all industries - i.e. real estate, industrial, farming, corporate, hollywood

Cool Domain Name For Beauty Tips Site

We are creating a daily beauty tips site for women, which would include tips, tricks and "secrets" related to beauty in general, from health and nutrition to make-up. We need a fun, cool and easy-to-remember domain name that's availa..

Looking for a Cool and Spunky Name for a Grocery App

We are starting up a grocery app with hyper local delivery. We are looking for some cool and spunky name for our app...

Web Design Company Name (Cool - Sparky - Fun - Powerful)

Looking for a COOL - Web Design Company Name. Think hip, trendy, alternative, cool, sparky, fun, powerful, etc...

Cool Property Rentals Business Name

Needs to be short, catchy, such as the names below. Habito, Houzz, Habitat, Habibo, Brick, Blok, Kube, Cube, HiggiHaus, Bauhaus etc EDIT: Domains can be e.g Ideally I would like it to just be '' but, ob..

A Cool Name For "Social Education Marketplace"

Looking for a nice name for our upcoming social education marketplace. It works more or less like udemy where coaches can post their courses and students can take/buy those courses...

Cool 6-8 Letter Biz Name Like Azure Adonis Mosaic Maybe Followed By Consulting

The Biz revolves around Consulting in Information Security and Real Estate technology. So do not want to generalize with a IT word...

Cool Name for Online Beauty Shop Selling Niche High-Performance Skincare Brands

We are about to launch an eCommerce shop for niche high-performance skincare products (potentially make up will follow later) in the premium to luxury segment. On top, the website will offer educational content such as how to find out w..

2 Doctors Need Cool Website Name

We are 2 doctors who want to start a podcast. We are general health doctors...

Cool .Com Name for a Startup Regardless of what it Does

There are many high-tech companies with names that have nothing to do with their business such as Amazon and Google. I'm looking for a cool name for a startup where its .com domain is not takes...

Cool Modern IT Company for Intelligent Unstructured Analysis of Business Data

We are building a company that focus on smart analyses of tons of unstructured data that is being created in today`s businesses.

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