Cosmetic Courses Name Contests


Cosmetic Courses Name Contests

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Creating a Memorable Name for Cosmetic Brand that Starts With Letter "E"

I need your help in creating a memorable name that shifts attention and boosts curiosity for a cosmetic brand. One IMPORTANT note: THE BRAND NAME HAS TO START WITH LETTER "E" A brand itself is an invitation to intriguing, mysteri..


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Breast Surgery clinic


Name for Eyelash Conditioner - Cosmetic

We've developed premium cosmetic - eyelash serum and looking for catchy name for it! All pharmacy names, medical prefixes, suffixes regarding to eye lashes are welcome...


Imaginative Enchanted Name for a Shade of a Bronze Pressed Cosmetic Powder

I am looking for a shade name. The name should make people think and dream, introduce fantasy, paint pictures in our minds.....


Online Cosmetic

An online cosmetics retailer, targeting women or men of all ages looking for affordable good quality makeup and accessories. Name doesn't need to associate with cosmetics at all I am more after something that gives a bright and glamorou..

A Website a Company Selling Distributing Cosmetics

We are selling comestics (cream etc..) make up can be short or long Needs to be available in .com

Memorable Name for a Cosmetic Powder Made from Mix of Natural Clays

Description of the product: perfect base for make-up. It creates the perfect matt effect on the skin, extends the foundation's durability and helps fight imperfections...

Winner: Clay Delights

Mineral Cosmetic Brand

Hi there, I am starting new company with mineral cosmetics and looking for great name. The words which The name should include is mineral, mineralio or minerally...

Memorable Name for a Cosmetic Powder

I would like to launch (under Enchantie brand) a product with a consistency of a loose powder, providing a great coverage so it can be used on a face instead of 'traditional' creamy or liquid foundations. So it is like foundation in a l..

Winner: Skin Glory

Natural Cosmetic Brand Name

Hi, I'm looking for a brand name for a line of cosmetics made out of 100% natural and organic ingredients. The line itself will be branded and marketed on its own, but I will be using it in my clinic for cosmetic acupuncture as well...