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A Mental Health Counseling Business

I need a name (that is not currently used in Colorado) that is easy for clients to spell and yet is unique to my business. I'm a mental health therapist and would like a positive word...

Christian Counseling Practice

The most unique and inspirational name for Counseling and Wellness Coach practice

Unique Name for Mental Health Counseling Practice

The practice will provide psychotherapy and consultations for all genders and ages. The practice will focus on holistic wellness...

Counseling/Wellness Business

I am a counselor in private practice, getting ready to pursue more training in integrative mental health (nutrition, lifestyle, etc). I want a business name that reflects more than traditional therapy

Counseling and Consulting Business

One word or short combined word for a career counseling and consulting business. Will be geared to individual career and job guidance (including career assessments, resume building, college counseling) and team building workshops using ..

Astrological Counseling Service

Hello, I have been working as an astrologer over 5 years in Asia and I'm going to build a website in English for people around the world. But I'm not a native English speaker, so it is quite confusing for me to find a suitable name...

Substance Abuse / Mental Health Counseling

We are opening a substance abuse / mental health counseling company. We want the name to be catchy, easy to remember, trustworthy, and capable of being branded properly. !!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!! Must be easily pronounced.


Rather than sitting inside 4 walls, I would like to go on walks with clients or be involved in an activity in nature. Working with clients with PTSD and trauma can be uncomfortable for them sitting face to face in a closed room...

Company that Offers Psychotherapy/Counseling Retreats Consulting Workshops Events

A partnership specializing in anti oppression centered services and experiences. We work at the intersections of culture, community, and liberation...

Yoga/Wellness/Marketing Biz for Instructors/Workshops/Holistic Counseling?!

Yoga/wellness/marketing biz for instructors/workshops/holistic counseling? !..

Online App\Web Based Psychology Counseling Service

We need a name for our online psychology counseling service. It should be young,trendy...

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