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Coupons Name Contests

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Coupons & Savings Website

Hi there! We're asking for your help to find domain for new website. Website is about online savings, deals and coupon codes. Site examples: retailmenot.com, mycoupons.com, fatwallet.com

Winner: CoupScoop.com

Domain Needed for Coupon Website

It's a new mobile application that shows you deals similar to groupon

Winner: Vypeer.com

Retail Coupons Based for Mobile Phones

Retail coupons which are accessible off an app on the shoppers phone. Unless it really stands out i don't want the name to be followed by 'coupons' or 'vouchers'.

Winner: RetailGrail.com

Rewards and Coupons With Mobile Apps and Checkins

Looking for a domain name for a site that offers to venues the ability to have their own loyalty program with no cards and no printed coupons. Just the phone and checkins.

Winner: CheckinGourmet.com

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