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Crowd Funding Name Contests

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Real Estate Crowd Investing Site

A Real estate crowd investing platform that uses block chain and tokenization of private property assets to allow small investors to invest directly in private residential and commercial real estate assets all over the world

Winner: ProperChain.com

Crowdsourced Video Review Site

We are starting a website where consumers upload videos of their experiences (good or bad) at stores, airlines (like the recent united incident), utility companies, etc. The name must be brandable, short and catchy...

Winner: RealityTrackers.com

Crowdsourced Photo Edition

Website for people who wants to have their photos/pictures edited by a crowd of professionals. As a customer, you upload your pictures to the site/mobile app and you get your photos or set of photos edited in minutes...

Winner: FinerSnap.com

Long Term Investments Using Crowd Wisdom

Purpose - Have a large crowd that will discuss and decide on the best approach to go about long term investment. Audience - People who work or have interest in the financial markets.

Winner: CrowdIQs.com

Crowd Funding Domain Name

Need a domain name for a crowd-funding site like kickstarter. Website is related to farming and agriculture crowd funding...

Winner: FundFarming.com

Domain Name for Crowd Testing Business

Its a business which is focused on providing crowd based testing services in addition to cloud based testing services - Focused mainly for the Web and Mobile Applications

Winner: TestsByCrowd.com

Crowdfunding Venture

High net worth individuals who enjoy making their own investment decisions. ideally a name that suggests an action. eg doodle,

Winner: FundYo.com

Crowd Sourced Store Audits Company

The business crowd-sources images and data on products as they are in store via mobile field agents, reporting this back to corporate clients that are interested in what their products actually look like on the shelf. We have many many ..

Winner: ShelfPulse.com

Lifestyle Site for the (Slightly) Older Crowd

I am looking to create a lifestyle magazine site with a specific focus on the slightly older viewer. Example sites would be Lifed, Lifehacker and Addicted2Success...

Winner: Lifecense.com

A Crowdfunding Directory and News Site

Create a .com domain for a website which Is a directory of all crowd funding sites. Crowd funding is where lots of people chip in to back or fund an idea. Use Any words relation to crowd and funding or pooling money

Winner: Fundero.com

Crowdfounding Website

The website will be similar to kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme or gust. So please don't chose name like them or that can remember them...

Winner: Starthia.com

Crowd Funding Real Estate Website

Looking for a Name (Domain Name) for a commercial Real Estate / Property Crowdfunding website. Professional name reflecting investments in real estate - maximum 8 letters...

Winner: Emition.com

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