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Handmade Custom Cutting Boards

We make custom hardwood cutting boards and sell direct. However, we are looking to create a brand-able online presence...


Online Business Management Website/Virtual Executive Assistant

Company/brand name needed for an online business management and virtual executive assistant site. Targeted at high end, global clients...


Provide Professionals and Homeowners With Software to Cut Costs of Owning a Home

Homeowners, Lawyers and other industry professionals working together through online software solutions to modify mortgage loans, short sale a house, lower property tax assessment, hazard insurance costs, energy costs and other costs ass..


Cutting Edge UAV (Drone) Startup

We sell, repair, design and customize completely autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian use. We also provide services with such systems like aerial photography, topography, cartography, power line supervision, TV/Film..


We're a Fun Studio that Loves Executing Projects for the Web and Mobile Frontier

This is a name for our studio where we make creative web and mobile applications. We build a lot of different products and we need a brand name for the parent company that owns all these products...


Executive Business Shirts

A new brand of executive business shirts for men, target audience would be mid to senior level management, I would like a male English first and last name, easy to spell and remember. No too many characters or letters.

E-Commerce Website Geared Towards Cute Products for 9-16 Year Olds

Have a working website called, and had a SEO and Marketing company do a review of my business. Since 82% of my products and 90% of my revenue are geared to girls between 9-15 years old...

Interior Desinging and Execution Company - Dubai

Hi, We are looking for a name for our interior designing and Execution company based in Dubai. This is a start up...

Executive Search & Leadership Consulting Firm Website

The competition for qualified leaders is fierce, and the best candidates could be across town or across the globe. Executive search consultants know the terrain...

Executive Travel

Travel agency for executive and luxury travel. The business focuses on clients that often fly private jets for business and leisure travel...