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Healthcare Big Data Analysis

A Startup that analyzes Healthcare Big Data to eliminate medication errors and save lives


Data Analysis Platform.

Data Analytics, Metrics for Viral content. Please dont just use my words. Feel free to use your own! You will have a better chance at winning.


Investment Analysis/Advice Website

I am launching a startup that helps individual investors to analyze, choose and monitor their investments. The site will incorporate a lot of backend intelligence and interesting visualizations...


News and Analysis Site for Tech News

News and analysis site for tech news, mainly about gadgets, big trends in technology in and how they are affecting big enterprises and companies in the way they do business


Open Source Risk Analysis Survey Tool

We are about to launch an open source software tool to help with surveys and data collection for risk assessments. We originally started branding as RiskPro but obvious .com domains are taken...


Business Growth Site Focused on Data Analysis Needs Domain Name.

HI, I am looking for a memorable domain name for a data analysis and growth hacking blog. The site is targeting quickly growing startups that want to use databases insights to better target customers and exponentially grow business.


Cool Modern IT Company for Intelligent Unstructured Analysis of Business Data

We are building a company that focus on smart analyses of tons of unstructured data that is being created in today`s businesses.


Financial News Views and Analysis for Traders and Investors

We provide next generation news, views and analysis coverage to traders and investors by leveraging the financial buzz on Twitter. Users could create up to 5 watchlists/portfolios, and add up to 10 assets - stocks, indices, commodities..


Vital Statistics and Demographic Data Analysis

Company name, target market is commercial customers and research organizations


Business Name for Graphic Design / Business Analysis Agency

We are looking to establish an agency that provides both Graphic Design and Business Analysis services. Our design services will focus on corporate development, branding and advertising, while our business services will focus on bus..


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