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A Site that Plans a Date and Activity

It's a monthly box or club that will send you dates and activities which you prepay for. I added some words that are important but they DON'T have to be used those words are: date, night, out Target would be 25-40 year olds in maj..

Due Date Reminder Software

A software that sends out emails to remind people to do things related to insurance policies, tax deadlines, or getting a needed service done.

Name for Antibody Date Rape Drug

Hi, I guess you know the phenomenon that a girl walk into a club / date, and without her noticing someone her dripping a few drops of drug rape drink (GHB), and within minutes he can do the darkest, without that girl can resist or rea..

Exclusive Date Experiences

This is a service that where couples can find exclusive date experiences (not an online dating site! ) ranging from that first date to anniversary package...

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