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UPDATED - Need Name for an Affordable Luxury Solution for Elective Procedures

A safe and dependable platform for cosmetics, dental and weight-loss procedures in the USA. As an all inclusive medical concierge, we connect pre-qualified care patrons with reliable US based providers to simplify the elective care sear..

Winner: Beneseek.com

Due Date Reminder Software

A software that sends out emails to remind people to do things related to insurance policies, tax deadlines, or getting a needed service done.

Winner: NowDueDate.com

Personal Finance Application (Updated)

UPDATE: There are some really good ideas in the list. However, we are still looking for new alternatives...

Winner: Harmonetary.com

Personalised News Website Specialising in Micro News Updates

We are working on a personalised news service that allows users to subscribe to topics (e.g. "Barack Obama") and receive small/bitesize updates on them (e.g...

Winner: SelectiveNews.com

***UPDATED** Name the PRETZEL (Domain Name Not Needed)!!

Gourmet flavored mini pretzel...Imagine a small crunchy pretzel...many people don't like pretzels because they can be boring and 'blah'. THESE little twisted morsels have an incredible crunch and absolutely burst with flavor when you b..

Winner: Pretziola.com

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