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Definitely want something short and memorable. 6 to 8 letters. Definitely want something memorable, and visible. Ie.,


Deal Site

We recieve enquires and act as a concierge to get great deals for shoppers


Online Deal Website Platform

This website is a deal platform and coupon site. This site is going to be great for all young and mid age people with especially mum's and working individuals who want to look for the best promo and deals that is available to them both ..


Marks New Deal

Marketing and print production company with a focus on data marketing using a marriage of digital and print strategies. Targeting businesses that needed a trusted tactical partner to deliver innovative results-driven marketing solutions.


Daily Deal Website

We are starting a daily deal website like groupon. I need a name that has words related to "Deal" or "daily deal" or "discount" The name should be non specific to any industry and simply be a name people will immediately associate wi..


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