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Travel Deals Website

This website is specifically for travel deals, but not the deals that large sites like Expedia are always showing. This site will have links to deals that could be ending in a day or two, which are hard to find unless you are really..


Reviews Travel/Food Blogs and Deals

This site will be a "mashup" of TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp, Groupon, and Wikipedia. Visitors will be able to review/rate stores, restaurants, hotels, etc....


An App where Local Businesses Offer Deals

A user can download the app and get deals for local businesses. It needs to be short enough to show up as the name for an iphone app. Ideally one or two words.


Online Deals

Hello everyone. I wanna start a site where I will put up best deals available online. with options for users to put up deals etc. I was thinking about which is, of course, taken.


Local Deals App

A user can download the app and get personlized deals from local businesses. It needs to be short enough to show up as the name for an iphone app...


Coupon/Deals Website

We need suggestions on renaming a coupons/deals site. The site lists good deals/sales/coupons both added by community as well as site staff...


Importing Company in the Usa (Deals)

Looking for deals like black friday, sales, clearences, close outs, etc for an importing company dealing with fashion garments, handbags, scarves and accessories.


Platform where Buyers Search for Properties and Get Grouped to Get Deals.

Name for a platform where buyers search for properties and get grouped to get deals or save money - like a groupon in real estate. It can be a premium domain also. If you get a great brand name, check if it's for sale and update.


Best Ecommerce Deals Destination in the Middle East

For a new ecommerce site to be launched in the Middle East with focus on consumer electronics and later plan to move into all categories. Prefer to have a 4-6 letter domain name with .com only...


Real Time Deals Pop Up Mobile Application

Purpose: The application will provide the user information of the service providers around him based on GPS and Image recognition on Real-Time basis. Target Audience: Any one looking for a good deal on real time basis (based on the l..


Video Game Deals & Discovery Website

Create a unique name for a video game deals + discovery website. Name must be available in .com, .co, or a very unique domain hack...


Daily Deals Website Australia

We are launching a daily deals website in Australia similar to Woot and daily steals. This is not a voucher site and we will not be selling experiences/services...


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