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Dental Office Name Contests

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Dental Office Name Contests

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Dental Clinic

General Dental Clinic based on trust, care and high technology. Need a professional, easy, memorable name that can incorporate/indicate trust and care- preferably in the "name" Dental format . I am open to suggestions as well.

Winner: GentlestDentist.com

Dental Lab

We are a two certified dental technicians in orthodontics. We fabricate custom made dental retainer for after orthodontic treatment. Our clients are dentists . W e are looking for a good name to prompt online business.

Winner: RetainerTech.com

Dental Lab

Dental labs manufacture dental restorations (e.g. crowns, bridges, veneers)...

Winner: Toradent.com

Children's Dental Office

Cannot contain the word "kid" Tag line for practice is "Just for grins" Need something fun, fanciful, catchy Treats children from 1 thru 12

Winner: JustForGrins.co

Office Fitness App

Smartphone App for Fitness at the Office Workplace Short exercises and stretches in short work breaks. App has a timer/alarm function #Deskercise

Winner: DeskSpin.com

Home Office Decor and Tech Website

Essentially a Houzz for techy home offices and gamer set-ups. The slang term is a "battlestation" so I'd like to play off that word if possible...

Winner: UltimateBattleStation.com

Name for Unique Office Space Company Wirh Coworking Elements

Need name for a startup Office Space and Co-working hub, Must be unique made-up word like "Regus" OR a combination of 2 words max like "ShareDesk"

Winner: CoDeskTribe.com

Microsoft Office Classes

Need a professional name that is simple, short, and clear that when one reads the name they should right away know that the website is about learning how to use Microsoft Office in a fast and efficient way. (Will be teaching MS Word, Ex..

Winner: LearnOfficeFast.com

Software for Improving Office Work

I am looking for a name generating good feelings, implicating learning, improving performance, reaching goals, growth. The Name should be quite short, easy to pronounce and somehow surprising...

Winner: ViableWork.com

Primary Care Doctors Office With a Modern Edgy Innovative Style

Primary care. Doctors seeing patients of all ages but biggest target isgeneration Z and millennials. Multiple sites. Modern, edgy. Use modern technology. Innovative. Patient centered. Excellent customer experience.

Winner: AspyreCare.com

Healthy Snacks Delivered at Your Office to Maintain the Energy of Your Teams.

Healthy snacks delivered at corporate offices, through monthly subscription. Ideally, the suggestions should be in SPANISH, as the company will operate in Mexico

Winner: SaluDelis.com

Brand Name for a Home Office and Kitchen Essentials Company.

We are looking for a brand name that provides its customers with Simple, Modern, and Elegant living essentials. These products are beautifully designed with a clean, minimalistic style...

Winner: LivingGentle.com

Health and Wellness - Therapeutic Exercises for Office Workplace Ergonomics

A website which teaches easy to do exercise and stretches for people sitting on computers for long hours to avoid repetitive strain injuries. Our mission is to create awareness and provide a solution to all those people working behin..

Winner: SedentaryStretch.com

College Office Hours App

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a catchy name for the website/app I'm building...

Winner: HelpSesh.com

Legal Office

Hello, I am looking for a domain name for my legal office. I will be opening the office in the next couple of months and need the domain for the corporate identity...

Winner: PrJustice.com

Blouse/Tops - Office to Happy Hour

Looking for a simple name for the designer blouse that can go to evenings from office. .com is needed. Name should be simple

Winner: Twilightvogue.com

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