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Location-Based Discovery App

Our app finds interesting people around you, people who have the same interests of you. We need either the name for a "virtual guide" which helps people enlarging their network or, a creative name which is not necessary related t..


Entertainment Discovery Start-Up

We're looking for a name for an Entertainment Discovery start-up (a service that recommands movies, tv shows, music etc.) Original name: (already taken) We're looking for a name that is simple, international (easy to pronounc..


App Discovery App Needs Your Help!!

We're building an app that recommends other apps. We find that the Apple Store is doing a poor job of allowing people to find apps so we're building a social component to finding apps...


Content Discovery and Social Media Publishing Platform

We are searching a name for a platform which helps professional Twitter and Facebook users **to find and publish the best content** for their audiences. The tool is an online publishing assistant : 1...


Family Discovery Marketplace - the Easiest Way to Discovery You

We're planning to turn the genealogy community on it's head. We want to be the next in five years...

Online Fashion Discovery and Social Platform With Shopping

Includes virtual wardrobe with social integration used for fashion discovery and shopping online. Providing the complete fashion experience. The name will be used for a website and mobile platform.

Video Game Deals & Discovery Website

Create a unique name for a video game deals + discovery website. Name must be available in .com, .co, or a very unique domain hack...

Website to Discover Attractive People

The website allows users to give ratings to pictures of random people. They can also see how attractive their friends are...

Apps Deals and Discovery

We are looking for an easy to remember .com domain name for an apps deals and discovery app & website. We would prefer a domain with the word "app(s)" in it...

Social Discovery Site

This site shows you what is being shared on Facebook and the rest of the social web, There are multiple categories of content and content can be images as well as videos. Check it out here: I'm looking for a bran..

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