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The fin-tech startup is called Rise. At launch, we are targeting various demographics, including students, lower income individuals, and higher income individuals—so we are across the board with our target market. We will also be partnering with universities and financial literacy programs. Here are our 4 prime features: 1: automatically establish, build and optimize your credit score without taking on risky forms of debt. 2: We intelligently analyze your activity and balances to find the best actions to save you money 3: You shouldn’t take on risky debt to earn cash back on spending. Rise Card acts like a debit card while offering the rewards of a credit card. 4: You shouldn’t have to pay fees to use your money. Rise doesn’t charge fees, allowing for a risk-free, learning experience We currently own, bankrise.com and risealways.com; however, I'm not a big fan of either of them. I'd want the name to suggest financial growth—centered around the brand's name and preferably beginning with "rise". This domain will likely be a temporary until we have the additional funding for a more premium domain. In a perfect world, we'd own rise.com... I'm excited to see your suggestions and thank you in advance

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