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I own a business featuring aromatherapy products but I also live on a farm which is very interesting year round. I'm a grandmother, eclectic entrepreneur and hobby farmer. I love chickens, horses, dogs and cats and have all of those. I'm also a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and Registered Nurse although I would not be interested in answering medical questions but instead adding credibility to my information specifically about aromatherapy (I took a clinical aromatherapy program and provide aromatherapy to hospitals in my state). I would definitely consider myself a bit of a pioneer/eclectic and passionate about living off the land. My business name is: My target audience would include other pioneering women, those interested in aromatherapy, grandmothers (maybe) and anyone that loves basic living. I'd like to have a blog title that reflects aromatherapy and also this life on a farm. I have tons of information to share that people might be interested in.

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