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Hi, We are developing an online career planning tool that delivers a persons career plan on one single page. This is aimed at people from schools to colleges through to adults who wish to map out their future online into one single document. We like the word 'plan' 'map' 'toolkit' 'progress' 'choices' 'careers' 'future' 'forward' 'page' 'success' 'on' 'my' anything positive and careers planning or future focused. It originates from the title given in Schools 'Individual Learning Plan'. An individual plan they can develop to map out their future and progress. I'd like to build a strong brand name out of this. Short, Positive, Rememberable and when spoken you understand what it's about instantly. So needs a keyword working on or two together, it's your choice. Would like a .com. I do like short ones like etc. Totally up for ideas. You guys and girls are great at this. So i'll let you do the rest. Thanks Andy

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