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The competition for qualified leaders is fierce, and the best candidates could be across town or across the globe. Executive search consultants know the terrain. We have access worldwide—across industries as well as geographies—and we have the know-how to help clients think in new ways about how to identify, recruit and retain top leaders. Search is what we do: we know the business, and we take the time to know your business. Executive search consulting is a specialized form of management consulting, which frequently provides significant benefits beyond search including assessing an organization and its culture, integrating a new leader for optimum success and advising executive leadership and boards. Executive search firms help their clients identify the leadership assets they have, the challenges they must be prepared to meet and the qualities they must acquire and cultivate to meet those challenges. They have the resources and experience to identify, evaluate, and secure leading candidates and are committed to their clients’ success. The best executive search firms partner with clients, providing deep expertise in industries, functional roles and geographies in which their clients operate. They have to be experts, because as partners they understand what is at stake—the value of success and the cost of failure. Shareholder confidence, organizational effectiveness, and employee engagement are just a few of the immediate benefits of “getting it right.” The risks associated with an unsuccessful hire can be catastrophic. Widely cited research indicates nearly half of new CEOs don’t make it past 18 months, and the costs of replacing them are staggering. These risks can be reduced and the converse benefits enhanced by leveraging the sophisticated assessment, search and due diligence processes that executive search firms provide to clients. Simply put, getting it right is essential to business success.

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