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1st Category of Audience (Our Focus): Couples who are planning to get married, settle down and start building a new family. Majority of the targeted audience are first-timers, who may be overwhelmed or experience difficulties with the entire pre-and-post wedding process, buying their first home, renovating & decorating their home, planning and preparing for parenthood. 2nd Category of Audience (Minority): Couples who are already married, but is planning to buy a new home, renovating & decorating their home, or planning for parenthood. Demographics: - Couples between ages 21 ~ 40. - Web savvy - Regular social media user - Regularly search for information on the web About the Website: An online web platform amply equipped with step-by-step informational guides and tools, to help individuals plan and prepare for the biggest moments of their journey onto a perfect marriage, a dream home and a wonderful family life. From the moment of getting married to buying your first home, moving on to build your dream home and planning for parenthood. We are dedicated to simplifying your planning process for each phase of your biggest moments. Limits: Preferably 10 letters or less, no numbers & hyphen.

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