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We need help with a new name for our adaptive game music engine. In short: Composing for a film is easy - you have the story and you have the time code. In games the story isn’t played yet. As a composer, you must compose music based on what COULD happen in the game. Other solutions rely on crossfades. Our engine relies on musicality. As a gamer you will have your personal score for your specific gameplay and you will think the music is written just for YOU! In games, you could get stuck in the same place for hours or you play the same passage repeatedly. Our engine makes sure the music is fresh for weeks with tiny (or big) adjustments along the way. Last but not least: Our engine is made for composers by composers. We give composers total control of their music in an easy musical way even though it’s the most advanced music engine (by far) existing on the market today. Company's current name "Elias" is too broad and gives a reminiscent of a personal name. We prefer names not consisting of too many letters.

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