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Health Drink/Supplement Machine/Shake Machine

I need a short catchy name for my Shake machine company .. This is targeted for health conscious people and fitness. You can customise exactly what is in your drink while on the go.


Suggest Name for Premium Drink Coasters Brand

Need suggestions for a brand name under which premium drink coaster products/sets will be marketed and sold. Does not matter if brand name is a completely new combination of words or a more traditional combination of words (or just one ..


Suggest Brand Name for Quality Durable Drink-Ware Products

Need suggestions for a brand name under which premium drink-ware products will be sold. Does not matter if brand name is a completely new, made-up word or a combination of existing words...


Afterparty & Drugs Recovery Drink Brand

We are looking for a cool brand name for a drink that helps recover faster from intense parties, drug and alcohol use. Want something that sounds great in the minds of active young people who like to enjoy life...


Ninja Themed Energy Drink Business

We need a fun, simple name for a ninja themed energy drink ecommerce business. Product will be targeted at young adult males aged 18 - 30 and needs to be bold and short to make it easy to remember.


Vegan Coffee Drink Name

We manufacture a cappuccino drink that is made with no milk, so it is vegan. We need a good name for it. should be maximum 2 words only.

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