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Education Website Name Contests

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Education Company Teaching Evaluation to NGO's and Community-Based Orgs

We are an education company teaching evaluation courses to non-government organisations and community-based organisations to help them understand how to measure the impact of their programs. We teach courses online and through in-person..

Winner: NewGenEvaluation.com

Educational Interactive Math Website

An open-source web-application where teachers may create interactive science exercises used by students online . Particularly well suited to university level math and physics courses ...

Winner: Verzeo.com

Educational Consultant

Boutique services. Need an elegant, inspiring name...

Winner: BrightQuanta.com

Educational Personalized Learning Platform

This is an educational platform that brings all possible academic subjects (math, science, language, etc) to maximize learner’s efficiency on learning through personalized program. Let’s imagine a personal AI(Artificial Intelligence) le..

Winner: Educlid.com

Name for a Online Educational Organization

I need a name for an online education firm which is mainly based for engineering and degree students. It must be 6 or 9 letter word and must be catchy and unique...

Winner: GradArk.com

Pharmacy Education

New consulting company of 2 pharmacists giving education about medications & pharmacy to a wide audience.

Winner: EduPharmix.com

Memorable Education Domain Needed

Hello, we are looking for a domain for a education platform startup. Basically to help parents find the right boarding school for their kids and help schools attract and retain students...

Winner: SchoolDirection.com

Nursing Education Company

A name for a nursing education company that specializes in exam preparation material for the NCLEX (Like the MCAT). Should be short and consist of 2 words or a unique word company provides: - courses - prep classes Favourite ..

Winner: PrimalRecall.com

Education Website

Online learning website where instructor can add course and user can enroll in it.( like udemy.com ) website will contain all type of courses ( it, coding, health , science ) target audience : international.

Winner: SkilledCourse.com

Education Blog/Software Site

Creating a new website targeted at helping parents, teachers, and specialists (like Speech Language Pathologists) to better more quickly help children learn and develop. The blog will focus on bringing researched, evidence-based tips, ..

Winner: SnappySprouts.com

Name for Education Focused Consulting Company

IT consulting company focused educational institutions. These could be universities, colleges, technical schools, research institutes, companies that serve education providers, startup companies in the education field, etc...

Winner: OptimalCampus.com

Music Education Tool

We are looking for an overarching name for a corporation that is embracing different music education software products. The common thing about all those products is that they are capable of giving automatic feedback to music students...

Winner: MatchMyMusic

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