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Educational Technology Name Contests

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Educational Technology Name Contests

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Educational Interactive Math Website

An open-source web-application where teachers may create interactive science exercises used by students online . Particularly well suited to university level math and physics courses ...

Winner: Verzeo.com

Educational Consultant

Boutique services. Need an elegant, inspiring name...

Winner: BrightQuanta.com

Educational Personalized Learning Platform

This is an educational platform that brings all possible academic subjects (math, science, language, etc) to maximize learner’s efficiency on learning through personalized program. Let’s imagine a personal AI(Artificial Intelligence) le..

Winner: Educlid.com

Name for a Online Educational Organization

I need a name for an online education firm which is mainly based for engineering and degree students. It must be 6 or 9 letter word and must be catchy and unique...

Winner: GradArk.com

Need a Name for an Educational Service

An educational therapist that provides creative, multi sensory, one on one teaching to students with learning difficulties. I teach reading, writing and study skills.

Winner: Thelearningtrack.com

Educational Games

Browser-based games that teach skills and knowledge while being simple, straightforward fun. Important: We need a descriptive name that actually describes the service, albeit in a playful way, not a fantasy-name. Also: no hyphens.

Winner: LearnArcade.com

Aesthetic Technology Business

Distribute and market targeted fat loss body contouring machines.

Winner: Nuebodix.com

Technology Services and Solutions Provider

Technology consulting firm specializing in cloud based business applications and data analytics solution. Targeting medium to large companies...

Winner: Stralto.com

Technology Solutions Company

Hello Everyone. I would truly appreciate your help with naming a start-up professional services company...

Winner: Brilliancebuilders.com

Solar Panel Power Green Renewable Technology

The name should be short, sweet and catchy

Winner: PowerMeridian.com

Technology Start Up Name

Hi everyone ! We are creating a company based on technology (electronic, computer science)...

Winner: Niryo.com

Data Management / Financial Technology .NET .CO.NZ


Winner: Logix.co.nz

Data Management / Financial Technology


Winner: Neduki.com

Name for Advertising Technology Company (RTB)

Looking for a good and short domain name for a company that provides RTB services. RTB is real-time bidding and involves an electronic auction for the purchase of ads...

Winner: BidMeta.com

New Physical Commodities Trading Technology Company

We use advanced machine learning technologies to enable trade in the physical commodities markets. The name needs to contain technology edge, yet not be too over the top as the perception of credibility and trust with traders is essential.

Winner: Commoditron.com

Technology Development and Scientific Reaseach Website

A innovative technology development and scientific research company website. Want a name that is really catchy like Techcrunch, Buzzfeed, Groupon around that quality...

Winner: Techyaki.com

Technology Startup Name Review

I am trying to get some ideas and names for naming a pvt. limited company that I wish to start...

Winner: TecIgnite.com

Name for a Community Based Technology / Ecommerce Site

We're looking for entries for a professional, community-based tech site. Feel free to go to the unexpected - a wide range of ideas is preferred!..

Winner: BlueMunk.com

Company Name For Technology Consulting


Winner: Inerttia.com

Financial Technology

The website will be the portal for financial advisors to manage client portfolios, generate client performance reports, conduct research on institutional money managers and manage daily client workflow. The technology is bespoke.

Winner: AxisClientManagement.com

Wearable Technology

Winner: TechWear.com

Technology Company Name

A software and services company, with offerings in Software Architecture, Cloud, Mobile, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, to name a few. Ideally the name should not be bound to any product or technology specifically (iow, ..

Winner: Intelerit.com

Technology Solutions Company

We are merging 2 IT/Technology companies and need a name for the new entity (we don't want to use elements from our old company names, so not listing them here). We are an outsourced IT business who helps small businesses understand,..

Winner: Visioner.com.au

New Online Technology Magazine

I'm launching a new funky online technology magazine and looking for a good name for it. The mag will cover everything from news, editorials, announcements and even interviews, reviews and tips on how to survive a technology and social ..

Winner: MyGeekly.com

Technology Solutions Company

I'm starting a company that will provide technology solutions including data mining and analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software/app development and web development. The company will focus heavily on providing in..

Winner: AceLoft.com

Fraud Detection Technology Brand

We detect fraud using latest machine learning (artificial intelligence) techniques.

Winner: DetectLabs.com

Web & Technology News Blog + Community

Hi NameStation, I'm looking for an awesome brand/domain name which would be suitable for a web & technology news blog - please see the sites listed as name examples for an idea of what I'm aiming for in terms of name and functionality..

Winner: Worldoid.com

Project Name for a Resturant Technology Service (Apps)

In today's world you need technology to be able to grow your business and retain your customers, we will be the technical team, the Virtual Chief Technology Officer behind a restaurant owner guiding them and providing services that help ..

Winner: Apps4Foods.com

Defense Technology Services

Employee focused company providing direct support to the government, primarily Army hiring engineers, scientists and IT professionals - service provider, not a staffing company community and employee focused cost competitive woman o..

Winner: TenaxTech.com

Business Technology

Online solutions for customer service delivery We want an original word, think Google, it doesn't have to be a real word Original, Social, Smart

Winner: AccessCapacity.com

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