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Email Intelligence

We are busy building an email intelligence, analytics, and alerting tool, focused on email deliverability for large mailers. Every domain name we have come up with so far has been taken...

Daily News Email Newsletter

Daily news report with weather, stocks, local and national news. Email newsletter similar to or shorter domains are ideal

Email Marketing & Automation Brand

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE DESCRIPTION! We are a results-driven Marketing Agency...

Intelligent Email Routing and Storage

I want to build intelligence in on the server side of email messages, so messages are automatically routed into proper files and folders.

SaaS Email Automation

Automatically sent emails to saas customers based on stripe actions, Like welcome, card failed etc. A onboarding and retention customer relation mail automation app

Kids Email App

I need a name for an app that will be used by elementary school kids. The app will be allow kids to email their family and friends...

Voice and Video Calling Via Email

Looking for a new name for a startup that will offer voice and video calling and conferencing services for people and companies without the need for a separate plugin or app. Invite people via email, calls and conferences work directly ..

Email Software Name

Hi there! Glad you could join this contest...

Email Marketing Web Application

Web Application for email marketing with unique concept. Engages the audience, by sending hyper relevant emails...

Secure and Encrypted Business Email Service

We are planing to establish a email service which is focusted on business purposes and security. Therefore we are looking for a brandable, easy to remember and catchy name...

Outbound Email Marketing Software ( for Lead Generation)

Our (SaaS) software product allows companies to generate leads with targeted outbound email campaigns. Our target is companies that sell products to other businesses (B2B) and would like to automate their process by using email...

Private Email Domain (Preferably De-TLD)

The domain name is intended for handling private emails for me and my family and friends. No official site or anything...

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