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Wedding Engagement and Portrait Photographer

A name that resonates with Millennials and upcoming generations. Not too fad driven - something that will last the next 10-20 years...



Diabetes Engagement App

Gamified engagement app targeting patients, their family/relatives and healthcare professionals. The app is focusing on motivational support, interactive learning, social interaction, behaviour change and adherence.



Visitor Engagement Software

Piece of software that engages the visitor when they are surfing around a website and attempts to capture their email address.



Employee Engagement Software Platform for Work

Our motto is WE MAKE WORK MATTER and we are out to solve the disengagement epidemic in the workplace. Our software works AT WORK similarly to the way a fitbit engages people in their health...



Employee Engagement Startup Name

We are an employee engagement startup that does 10 second anonymous weekly check-ins with employees 3 times a year and then gives personalized recommendations after that to their manager. Recommendations could be simple things like ..



Elearning Company Emphasizing Engagement

We have created an eLearning company for adults who wish to advance their career, or start a new career. Most of our business with be B2B with staffing/recruiting companies or organizations who wish to train their employees...



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