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A Website where People Can Collect Money Together for a Great Gift/Cause

It will be a website where people can create an event set a goal and invite his/her friends. They will get an email with a link to a page with more information about the event, like who has paid, how much their is still left to be con..


Website for Helping People With Similar Interests to Get Together and Talk

Something between a find-a-friend site (like and People sign up and choose conversation topics, and find talk partners in their local area...


Web App that Helps a Group Plan an Event or Trip Together

This website helps a group plan an event together the group could be friends, coworkers, people from your church, volunteers, etc. the event could be lunch, dinner, concert, movie, weekend trip, etc...


Exciting Online Collaboration Tool - Bringing People Together

We are trying to find a name that represents people working together online

Bringing Together the World's Investors

Domain would IDEALLY be a made-up / mashed-up short word that reflects... an open, transparent, financial research platform where professional and retail investors share and gather their unique perspectives on the global markets

Strengthen Families Through Togetherness

Launching a site dedicated to strengthening families with children through togetherness. The site slogan/tagline will be "Together is Better" The site will reflect the belief that quality time together strengthens families and we wan..


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