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Farm Name Contests

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Dutch Wasabi Farm

Wasabi grower based in the Netherlands. Targeting chefs from top restaurant...

Winner: NLWasabi.com

Export Agriculture Farm

We are looking at a name for our export business - we export vegetables and possibly flowers in the future. The area we are in is called Makindu so you can include that in the name if possible...

Winner: MakinduJardin.com

Farmer's Market Ecommerce Platform

***CONTEST IS STILL GOING - STILL NEED A WINNING NAME! *** * Available .com domains only plz * No numbers or dashes/hyphens * Simply enables farmer's markets to sell online * Ideally 1-2 singular words * Like these Farmigo, GoodEg..

Winner: Farmela.com

Name for a Website that Connects Buyers With Farmers

I want to be able to connect the buyers with the farmers directly so that the buyers know who they are purchasing the products from. With this idea in mind, I'd like to create a website (on the lines of Airbnb) where farmers can post th..

Winner: Buyfromfarmer.com.au

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