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File Marketplace

I need a name for a file marketplace. Sellers upload a file (recordings, photos, videos, documents, computer code, etc) and receive a link which they can share...


'Ghostwriting' Services for Online Dating Profiles

Terrible dating profiles. We've all seen them...

High Profile Management

An Agency, Management, Public Relations, Concierge firm specializing in the development of high profile individuals, brands and organizations. Our target clients industry value is centered around their public image...

Cloud File Sharing

I'm starting up a cloud file sharing site and need to come up with a short, unique, and brandable name. I'd rather it be either a made up word or a combination of two words describing our service, but I'm also open to alternate spell..

Simple and Super Secure File Share Service

Hi, We are looking for a catchy and short name for an upcoming secure file sharing service. Since our target user group is fairly broad, the name should not be too geeky: many users will be more interested in the convenience of th..

New Dating App (Find FB Profiles With Common Interests Nearby)

Short name for a Mobile app. App is for finding people with common interest and friends nearby...


File Sharing Service With Option for Payment - Happy to Send $50 Paypal Reward!

We are creating a new company that allows users to easily share digital content that they have created with friends and fans. The service will also ask for payment We are looking for a new name that is ***2 syllables*** and less than..

Custom Dating Profiles

Essentially you need to be familiar with online dating. The site is about writing a custom dating profile for an individual.