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Gift Shop

We are Monica and Paula, a team of 2 people who believe that the world would be a better place if we practiced generosity more often. We're new in business (since Nov 2019) and each sale is a huge celebration for us...

Trendy Gifts Wedding Home Decor and Boutique Goods

Our products are trendy boutique style shop that include home decor, wedding, mugs, posters, wood wall art...etc...We need a name that could be sentimental, positive thinking/inspiring, chic, or even abstract with some hip words. Stop a..

App for Mini Spontaneous Gifts

A new service in Sweden that allows you to send small spontaneous gifts via your mobile phone to friends and family, when you're on the go. It could be everything from an ice cream to a coffee to condoms to a nail polish...

Online Children's Gifts

Online gifts for newborns - 5yo as well as parent and siblings. Elephant logo

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