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Graphics Design Name Contests

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Graphics Design Name Contests

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Digital and Lithographic Print Company

I need a cool, trustworthy name for my new printing business that sounds established and evokes quality, craftsmanship with a bit of WOW thrown in. Should include either Press or Print in the name

Winner: PropellerPrint.com

Online Design Tool for Presentations Animations & Graphic Design

Purpose: Online Design editor tool to create stunning presentations, graphic design & animations. Niche: Super easy tool/wizard professionals and beginners can create stunning online presentations with animations and interactions, gra..

Winner: GrapUp.com

Domain Name for Graphic Design and Consulting

This domain is for a design firm that deals closely with clients. Customer service is huge in our company and vital to the way we work...

Winner: PixelChampion.com

Graphic Design

I am starting a graphic/media design company. I do like the name "Graphic Box" but that is already taken and would like something similar...

Winner: PencilPlane.com

Membership Site for Selling Website Templates Wordpress Theme and Web Graphics

Need a name for my website which will be a membership site for Selling website templates, wordpress theme and web graphics, short and catchy name is preferable. good luck

Winner: Themezo.com

Graphic Design and Photography Studio

Business and portfolio website for a graphic design and photography studio. Looking for something descriptive and broad with no reference to my name or location...

Winner: HueRoom.com

Rich Graphics Application Development

Hi, We're looking for a name for a team of developers, focusing in applications that are **very rich in graphics**. Super friendly applications...

Winner: AppliColors.com

Tool for Demographic Profiling of People in Any Given Location

This is a B2B tool which allows to determine demographic profiles of people in any given location, both in real time and historically. The client tells a location and is given basic data about gender, age, income brackets etc...

Winner: Demograft.com

Graphic Design Agency (May Also Recieve Future Work)

A neat studio that has a wide range of clients. Services include: Branding, print, and web design...

Winner: BrandEnhance.com

Motion Graphics Portfolio Site

Looking for a cool/unique domain to use as my portfolio site for motion graphics. Most of my art is minimalist, geometric and clean...

Winner: PristinePicture.com

Custom Signs and Graphics

Company will sell all kinds of signs to large and small corporations. From very large digital signs to smaller poster size signs. The main target audience are large corporations.

Winner: AnthemCustomSignsandGraphics.com

Web Site Selling Ink and Other Supplies to the Graphics Arts and Photo Market

The primary product we will be selling is a top quality ink for high-end photo and graphics arts inkjet printing. Our primary customers will be serious amateurs and professionals in the graphic design and photography markets...

Winner: Truechroma.com

Graphic Design & Illustration Website

A website where people or companies might be interested in getting their logos/websites made for a decent price or for other graphic designers to buy vectors and/or get ideas. The website will also include works of art by me on disp..

Winner: Graphicspoon.com

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