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The Brand of my Poker Playing Cards

I'm a serious poker player and I've designed my own brand of poker playing cards. I may also target people who play spades too...


Name for a Consumer-Friendly App that Sells Digital Prepaid Value Cards

We need a name for a company (and an app) that sells digital prepaid value cards. With our app, you can send a card to someone as a gift and they can immediately go and buy in a range of different stores...


Website that Supplies Business Cards Leaflets Etc

Printing company that allows customers to create their own designs and have them printed. Business Cards, Leaflets, Brochures, Post Cards, Stationery, Banners, etc...


A Web Application that Lets Businesses Sell Digital Gifts Cards from Anywhere.

Hi Yall! We are developing an online software web application that helps small business to instantly sell physical and email and SMS (test) gift cards to customers who visit their website or anywhere on the web...


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