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Financial Advisory Group

We are a small financial advisory group located in Iowa/Illinois and Florida. Looking for a strong name to convey trust, stability, and dedication to our clients...

Management Group Buying Businesses

We are creating a management group for businesses that we acquire.

Group Trip/Holiday Planner

Background: This will be an web app and in the future a mobile app too, that will help a group of people organise a trip or holiday. Each member can suggest places to visit, like and comment on other places suggested by group members...

Need a Women Supporting Womens Networking Group

I want to create a women's network that fosters a diverse community of founders with businesses at a level where they feel they can support each other. Must be a business owner...

Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12

Name for a consulting company that helps source custom curriculum or instructional resources including technology, books, professional development resources for grades K-12 USA. We offer a virtual personal shopping experience for school..

Business Networking Group Name

We need a short snappy name, perhaps joining two words/made up word or part words to create a word. There is an existing group called Bizruption, so something similar (however different) would be great...

Group Housing Charity

Need a name for a nonprofit that is working to build group homes/shelters for disabled, low income, and Veterans. We will need a .org domain

Dubai Business Consulting Group

Looking for short and nice name for Dubai based Consulting & Business development group. Worldwide presence. Audience is business people, C Level people and high level people. We need nice name and domain name.

Name and Domain for a Group of Companies of Various Segments

We need a name and a domain name that is generic for a group of companies. Ideally the name would be something that inspire, or has value, or is rare and brings confidence...

Social Network Helps to Develop Relations Between Group of People in Game Mood.

People who want real connectiona and relations under one interest or aim. People oldewr than 14 years...

Luxury Real Estate Group

We are a small family owned realty and brokerage firm serving a specific upmarket suburban area. We help homeowners in the area list and sell their homes...

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