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Handcrafted Jewelry Name Contests

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Handcrafted Jewelry Name Contests

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Name for Handcrafted Eco-Friendly Flower Amulets and Talisman Making Business

We make handcrafted amulets and talismans from eco-friendly materials and real flowers that grow in the world-renowned Findhorn community in Scotland.

Winner: FindhornFlower.com

$5 Jewelry: Online Sales Live Shows Home Parties

Contest has 2 days left. Thanks for your help!..

Winner: IdealCharm.com

Silver Jewelry Online

Silver Jewelry Online Business Needs a Memorable Domain Name. Need a professional clever name that's easy to spell...

Winner: CharmInSilver.com

Jewellry and Imitation Jewelry Brand and Domain

We are looking for a brand name for a new line of jewellry.

Winner: Everat.com

Name / Domain for Jewelry Shop

Hi guys and girls, looking for a domain name for an Jewelry Online Shop. Should be short, memorable and if possible with .com...

Winner: SeventhKiss.com

Retail Shop/Online Store Selling Jewelry Metaphysical Products Clothing

I'm looking for a name to use for my retail shop and an online store. I for several years I have been selling things at markets and music festivals, and looking to set up more of an online business to compliment my market stalls...

Winner: Dymentions.com

Fashion Jewelry Shop

E-commerce, like to be short and catchy.

Winner: Koluxe.com

High-End Jewelry & Fashion Website - Luxurious Memorable Domain Needed

Hi, we are starting a website making high-end Haute Couture jewelries and fashion products and need a .com domain name. The domain name must be .com and registerable, under 12 letters long, sounds very luxurious and high-end and very m..

Winner: Elainsa.com

Online Jewelry Store

We want to replace our current www.disassi.com domain and name for a name that can be pronounced both in english and spanish that does not need spelling out to write. We like other store names such as "gemvara" "vivara" ...

Winner: Orvara.com

Jewelry- Bags-Home Decor or Gifts Three Domains the Same Idea.

We are establishing three brands since we sell all of the above products and it is hard to combine all three on the same website. So looking for an idea like soap.com or bananarepublic/oldnavy/atleta/piperlime (segregation of the brand)...

Winner: EGlorious.com

Jewelry Website

Looking for a name for A jewelry Website.

Winner: Kandakara.com

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