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Health & Beauty Brand

Hello, I am trying to find a short catchy name that is available for my new startup. We are going to be selling a "magic" eyeliner that will work with magnetic lashes and it also can act as fake eyelash glue...

Name a Remote Mental Health Collaboration App

This application is meant to meet an immediate need for reliable means of remote interaction with people struggling with temporary or permanent mental health issues. The App is to allow specialists, doctors and other professionals to..

Health Resort and Spa Hotels Booking

We need a domain that would be: - good looking and good pronounceable brand name; - as short as possible; - easy to spell; - .com domain; - use words from "spa", "heath", "wellness" field; - could be a combination of words, or a na..

A Mental Health Counseling Business

I need a name (that is not currently used in Colorado) that is easy for clients to spell and yet is unique to my business. I'm a mental health therapist and would like a positive word...

Online Health Store

I am looking for name suggestions for my startup in Nepal. Its an online pharmacy soon developed into health store. The name doesnt need to have keywords strictly. Any creativity welcome. Thanks in advance.

Health Drink/Supplement Machine/Shake Machine

I need a short catchy name for my Shake machine company .. This is targeted for health conscious people and fitness. You can customise exactly what is in your drink while on the go.

Health and Wealth Company

A name that depicts a company that is serving the growing needs of sons and daughters that are caring for their aging parents' physical, emotional and financial needs, while also caring for themselves and their family. Two audience..

Health Supplements Brand and Domain Name

We're looking for a Brand name for a Health supplement startup. Targeting People 40+ Main brand values: Natural, Clean & Healthy Selling products like : Sleep aid, vitamins, probiotics, enzymes and so on...

Life Balance and Health Blog

Five years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. At age 38 I wasn't expecting this and I took it hard...

Health and Fitness Website

Creating a website that will be posting articles and information on all things health and fitness related. topics that will be covered include: exercises, workout plans, diet and nutrition, supplements, bodybuilding, etc.

Family Health Care Clinic

I’m a family nurse practitioner who will be opening my own clinic soon and need a clinic name that signifies caring for the patients health and patients being treated like family.


Health Product Company

I need a unique catchy name for a health product company. The company will sell primarily smart drugs (nootropics), sleeping aids, etc...

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