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Homemade Beauty Products Name Contests

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Homemade Beauty Products Name Contests

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Beauty Spa and Salon Marketplace

Hi We need to start a market place where we list all the beauty parlor and salon and customers can review it. Sample domain name: bookmystylist.com

Winner: BlushMore.com

Truth in Beauty

Need a suggestive, meaningful and emotional name for a new line of dietary supplements. Targeting beauty, (skin, nails, hair) health (nutrition), and overall wellness...

Winner: Veritrition.com

Traveling Hair/Makeup (Beauty) Business

Must be obvious as to what I do. Hair/Makeup artistry. Sound professional. Clever is nice but not necessary I would like it to sound like a luxury brand/service

Winner: TheCharmOfBeauty.com

Health Wellness and Beauty Practice

I will be opening up a practice for women and offer Nutritional Therapy services with supplemts, Ayurvedic services with herbal tretments, weight-loss, Face Yoga (for lifting the face), a program for menopausal women dealing with pelvi..

Winner: EverwellWoman.com

Beauty Marine Collagen Supplement Product Name

I need a brand name for a new marine collagen beauty supplement for women. Our target audience are aged 18-40 years old...

Winner: EvesFlair.com

Online Beauty Shop With Niche High Performance Beauty Products

An online boutique that is a combination of a cosmetics store and a beauty portal. It introduces the customers to the world of niche high performance beauty products of different brands...

Winner: EverLure.com

Health & Beauty PREMIUM Club - Free Cosmetics Awards Competitions

We are working on premium beauty club website which allows all users to: - Get and test all free samples of cosmetics, creams, supplements etc. - Get free cosmetics, fragrances - Participate in awards We need custom catchy name..

Winner: Bellavish.com

Content Marketing & PR - Health and Beauty Industry:Cosmetics Nutritional Pharma

Hi Guys, We've got business plan for new innovate project dedicated for health and beauty industry: cosmetics, nutritional, para-pharmacy. We will provide services like: - Media monitoring - Viral marketing - Content marketing ..

Winner: Pharmado.com

Brand Name for Beauty Cosmetics Brand - Lash Brow Hair Beauty Enhancement

We're looking for catchy name for our beauty cosmetics brand: lash, brow, hair beauty enhancement. Not only lashes...

Winner: UltraGena.com

Luxury Women-Men Beauty Appliances Brand and Domain Name

Luxury high end women beauty-appliances brand and domain name Think Hair Dryers, flat irons , hair clippers, hair trimmers ( should be accepted for men catered products s well, for example Women men accent ratio is 60%-40% Looking ..

Winner: Vikston.com

Cool Domain Name For Beauty Tips Site

We are creating a daily beauty tips site for women, which would include tips, tricks and "secrets" related to beauty in general, from health and nutrition to make-up. We need a fun, cool and easy-to-remember domain name that's availa..

Winner: ThePrettyGuru.com


Hi we are looking for new name for our website. it is the online appointment marketplace for beauty,fitness, Nails, Haircuts, spas.............

Winner: Book4Looks.com

Beauty Portfolio

Looking for something catchy for a portfolio website for a hair stylist/ makeup artist. Can include the name "ashley" but doesn't have to...

Winner: StellarByAshley.com

Beauty Magazines Names Ideas

Looking to create a website that has a focus on hair styling makeup and skin care. Looking for something catchy and inviting...

Winner: Stylzio.com

Beauty Portal

I need a domain name for a beauty portal, the name can either be 2 words or 1, it needs to be a memorable name and have a good sound and ring too it. This website will be to sell beauty products, we don't want the name to sound cheap &..

Winner: Beautempt.com

Find Your Beauty

I once created a self portrait series called "Finding the beauty in Me", and it documented a phase of personal growth. I'm now designing a photographic package that I thought I would call "Find your Beauty", which also includes a bit o..

Winner: Thebellesociety.com

Hair Extensions Salon Suites and Beauty Supply All Combined

To name hair product, website, logo and business (hair extension, salon suites and beauty supply)

Winner: GorgeousHub.com

Uber for Beauty Services

Uber like app for beauty services catering both men and women (25-45) who expect high quality service at a fair price. Services will include: hairstyling, pedicure, manicure and beauty threatments .com is not required, but it is p..

Winner: Elee.co

Luxury Cosmetics/ Beauty/ Tanning Brand - PLEASE READ ALL DESCRIPTION

This is for the cosmetics/beauty/tanning sector to create a range of tanning & beauty cosmetic products, we like the idea of a Latin name, Italian name or French, Spanish or even an English name. I like the idea of having a number is..

Winner: Alluvera.com

Brand Name for Premium Natural Beauty Products

Hi, I need a brand name for premium natural beauty products like skin creams or powders. I want the name to evoke pure, clean, natural, organic skin-care...

Winner: AzaraOrganics.com

E-Commerce Site With Health and Beauty Products

Domain name for e-commerce site. Product range: Beauty products (Dior, Estee, e.t.c) and parapharmacies (Avenee, vichy, e.t.c)

Winner: FlyBeauties.com

Health Well Being Beauty

Catchy name. Reasonably short...

Winner: Vitaride.com

New Women's Style Beauty and Living Magazine

We're looking to start a new magazine with a country feel. Home cooking recipes, fashions and country styles...

Winner: CountryStylish.com

A Website Offering Massage Beauty and Other Services in Home of Client

A website offering massage (and other relaxation treatments), beauty(hairdressing, nails) and other services that can be offered in the home of a client (=a professional therapist comes in the home of the client to offer the service).

Winner: ClickRelax.com

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