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Domain Name for Site for Business User to Book Travel (Hotel Flights Cars Etc)

I am looking for the domain name for a website that will allow people traveling for business to book travel. The name should: - has the connotation that the site makes the job of booking business travel effortless...

190 names submitted

Hotel Aggregation Website

We are a direct distribution platform that helps independent hotels sell directly on mobile and web rather than through Online Travel Agents. As the number of hotels is growing we want to bring them together in a loose affiliation of ho..

197 names submitted

International Hotel Comparison Website

I'm looking for a domain (preferably available in both .com and for a hotel comparison website. I like clever domains such as and and it would be great to find something similar avai..

76 names submitted

Hotel Sales and Marketing Company

Hi, Im looking for a name for a new business which is a sales and marketing company aimed at hotels, and a mystery shopper for hotels. Ideally Im looking for a name which evokes a professional and expert service...

142 names submitted

Lifestyle Hotel Brand

I am launching a 'Lifestyle Hotel Brand' that will be all about balance and being your best self whilst you are away from home - whether for business or leisure, the brand will understand and meet your needs at that time for that trip/vi..

94 names submitted


To get a name for a new 19 Bed-Room Accomodation on the Ormeau Road Belfast N,Ireland

187 names submitted

New City Hotel 3*

I am looking for a name for a new city hotel to be build. Target group: 75% business, 25% turists, Character of the hotel and name: modern, informal friendly atmosfere, city, pretending to be an international brand, for shor..

297 names submitted

Need a Name for 5 Star Hotel

Have plans to rebrand 5 start hotel. some features of this hotel 1...

200 names submitted

Hotel Management Company

Company which introduce hotel management standards, manages the hotels, site is not important. wish to have ..... hotels alliance . need first word only

166 names submitted

Last Minute Hotel Booking Website and Mobile App

This is for a website service and mobile app for searching and booking hotel rooms same night or within the next few days (usually less than 7 days). The target audience are travelers or those who like to stay in hotels.

209 names submitted

Hotel Booking Portal

I need to create a online website for booking hotel and other travel related service globally. The name should be catchy and easy to remember.

204 names submitted

Project Name About Hotel and Shopping Service

I am looking for a cool name for our mobile project that is only for hotel guests. In our project, every hotel room has tablet (ipad or android)...

81 names submitted

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