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Human Resources Consulting Name Contests

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Human Resources Consulting Name Contests

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What Would A Dog Call A Human?

Like JK Rowlings "Muggles" or "NoMage" I'm looking for a name (not derogatory) that a dog might refer to his owner / humans as. This is for an informational website, where the voice on the site belongs to the dog, so he's the one talki..

Winner: Sapiers.com

Name for a New Operating System for Human Organizations

I am building a new operating system to coordinate work and communications better inside organizations. It is something that is the heart of the organization...

Winner: Harvester.co

Consulting Group that Offers Customized Resources K12

Name for a consulting company that helps source custom curriculum or instructional resources including technology, books, professional development resources for grades K-12 USA. We offer a virtual personal shopping experience for school..

Winner: CurriculumKey.com

Aquatic Resources Network

This is an aquatic therapy company where therapists come to learn how to treat their patients in the water. we want our new site to be the center of aquatic knowledge for the whole world.

Winner: Aquatichq.com

New Name for a Design Resources Website

We need a new domain name for our website www.designtnt.com. The name must be related to design and brandable...

Winner: ToolstoDesign.com

Knowledge Management/Information Resources Mangement

Business will be a technology focused business based on information resources and knowledge management, and documentation for purposes of business improvement. Core skillis in mining and exploration (specifically geology) information m..

Winner: Coresources.com.au

Teacher Resource and Idea Sharing Website

We are collating several subject specific resource sharing sites into one community site and need a new name for the network. The site is for teachers to share resources, ideas and videos that can be used in the classroom across all age..

Winner: Resourcd.com

Fun Fresh Food Blog Recipe and Resource Site.

Fun, fresh, food site to help foodies, cooks and bakers connect, learn and exchange ideas.

Winner: Tastetropolis.com

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