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Cherished Belonging Info App (Start-Up)

New app launching this Spring. Allows users to store pictures, details, and videos about cherished belongings in a "family vault"...

Winner: CherishVault.com

Information Security Consulting

Niche: Information security consulting Target Audience: Large enterprises operating in higher end of the market Integrity and professionalism are core values Can be in a language other than English, but must be easy to pronounce

Winner: InteShield.com

Name for a New Travel and Information Map App

Creating a new app that will allow users to see different information points around them (I.e hotels, jobs, houses etc). This is a twist on what has already been done in the market...

Winner: Journri.com

Website for Finding Useful Contact Information

Website purpose: Help people easily find useful contact information Website type: Search Engine and Directory People should be able to connect name to the purpose of the website

Winner: ContactAid.com

Event Vendors Information Website

It is a website that facilitates the user to search for vendors in their location for different aspects of their party like for bridal dresses, party clowns, party favors, Wedding cakes etc ..... It is a website like WeddingWire.com bu..

Winner: Yocassion.com

Marketing - Consulting - Profit - Internet Marketing Softwares - Info Products

This is for my brand new website. It should be related to marketing, profit, consulting, increasing roi, make money online, softwares and information products etc...

Winner: SmartSuffix.com

Online Directory of Doctors With Reviews and All Relative Information

Purpose is to locate a specialist or consultant in specific location, for every internet user, name of website must be sophisticated and elegant.

Winner: Medisius.com

Life Saving Information

Central place to capture life saving information which can be used by emergencies. Global and secure platform...

Winner: Lifall.com

Scalable Information Integrity Protection

Large sized companies requiring ensure the integrity for any kind of documents, correspondence or files/data. Creation and automatic "signing" times are established by the system using complex mathematical algorhithms.

Winner: Integritix.com

Scalable Information Integrity Protection

Large and medium sized companies requiring ensure the integrity for any kind of documents, correspondence or files/data. Will have legal power in court...

Winner: Signatronic.com

Learning Information Platform

Professional development database Connecting Content Providers with Consumers looking for content and information

Winner: Exposkill.com

Independent Travel (Backpacking) Website (.COM .INFO or .NET)

**UPDATE:** I'd like to open things up a bit. I no longer require the name to be available as .COM...

Winner: WhyIWander.com

Info and Advice Blog About Games and Media for Parents

I am starting a site to explore issues of online games, media, digital environments, impact of media, etc. The audience will be parents that want straightforward, non-jargon, accessible, non-preachy, sometimes real evidence based inform..

Winner: Kidiggity.com

City Information Website

Purpose of website is complete information of city like events, tourist place, shopping places, hotels, weather. Target audience will be peopling aged 16 to 50.

Winner: Cityxis.com

Informational Site Regarding: Wholesale Selling Buying Stock

Looking for a name related to selling, buying, wholesale, clearance, surplus, end of line stock. It is an informational site to targeting those who want to get into the selling industry, whether it is online (ebay, amazon, rakuten play)..

Winner: TraderBeacon.com

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