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Innovative Website Name Contests

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Innovative Website Name Contests

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Name for Innovative Electronics Web Design Website

Name for Innovative electronics, web design website. something catchy like Brandroot, Techcrunch, Groupon. must be brandable, must be .com

Winner: HubBeam.com

Primary Care Doctors Office With a Modern Edgy Innovative Style

Primary care. Doctors seeing patients of all ages but biggest target isgeneration Z and millennials. Multiple sites. Modern, edgy. Use modern technology. Innovative. Patient centered. Excellent customer experience.

Winner: AspyreCare.com

Innovative Product Company

Innovative Product Company: We will market, promote and bring new, innovative, products and solutions to market - in both the business and consumer markets. *Name must be Brandable *10 words or less...

Winner: Innovitron.com

Online Retail of Innovative Indie Consumer Electronic Brands -Internet of Things

An online retail store for quirky, hip and innovative consumer electronics products

Winner: NexGeek.com

Innovative Custom Web Application Development Company

We are a web application/Mobile application/designing firm. Our speciality is to prepare fully customized applications and portals around the business idea or business model of the client...

Winner: AscentSpark.com

Innovative Name for a Social Shopping Website

Require a interesting, innovative domain name for a social shopping site. The name must be simple, easy to remember, and unique...

Winner: Trenddle.com

Innovative Name for a Custom Development Company

We are small software development company, focused on solving real-world business problems for small and medium business. The ideal name would stand out from the crowd, and balance being fun and playful with being aimed at business audi..

Winner: HighQSolution.com

Innovative Tech/Marketing Company

This name is for an innovative, tech and marketing-focused company providing a wide range of services including: - Software Development (iOS, Android, APIs, Integration, Client-Server Apps) - Creative Solutions (Product Microsites,..

Winner: WildstreamTechnology.com

Online Wholesale of Innovative Modular Storage Systems

This online e-commerce site will provide in-stock modular storage equipment for businesses such as: manufacturers, machine shops, auto parts dealers, maintenance shops, etc. We will also wholesale to other dealers and distributors of si..

Winner: Innovstor.com

Innovative Software Development Company

We're looking for a name for our software development company. We do desktop, web, and mobile development...

Winner: Bitsolo.com

Innovative ICT Company

Switching, Routing, Security, VoIP, Wireless, Virtualisation, cloud computing, mobility, convergence, video, cabling (fibre Cat6). .com or .co.uk required

Winner: Qardoo.com

Innovative Design and Business Company

We want something strong and energetic, but not gimmicky. Target audience are young tech and design types, or investors...

Winner: Aggresco.com

Design Company Innovative Small Non Complex Mechanical Devices

Small innovations, in the gray space between hobby crafts and industrial manufacturing. Clever enhancements to existing products...

Winner: Imagonis.com

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