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Name for an Interactive Video Solution (Winner Gets $100 Bonus)

1) BRIEF: We are a startup that offers a browser-based video solution without any requirement for installation or registration by the end user. The solution enables instant 1:1 communication between a company's agents and their customers...

Educational Interactive Math Website

An open-source web-application where teachers may create interactive science exercises used by students online . Particularly well suited to university level math and physics courses ...

Matterport 3D Interactive Visual Services

Website for a business offering virtual reality-like interactive visual tours of interior spaces with Matterport technology. Not only for realtors...

Interactive Law School Study Community

Subscription-based, entertaining/educational website for law students - will provide case briefs, student and commercial course outlines, supplemental study and bar materials, and user-submitted content for fun (content sorted by popular..

Interactive Prototyping Consultancy

I am starting a consultancy that specializes in building interactive prototypes for products that are still being designed. Things like user interfaces for new mobile operating systems, interfaces for mobile applications, car navigation..

Interactive Kid Brand

Hi - We're looking to start a new interactive publishing aimed at kids but we're stuck on the name. We'd like it to be fun and catchy...

Interactive Video Solution #2 Round (Winner Gets $100 Bonus)

Update: Thank you all for an amazing effort with the 1st round, we've received a phenomenal total of 311 entries from 23 contributors. Unfortunately, it turned out that the proposal we chose "" proved to be very close to anoth..


Interactive Wearable Device for Children With Special Needs

An operating system designed for people with special needs. The system records unique movement patterns to characterize a disability, and uses machine learning to detect discrete motions, which may be translated into actions...

Interactive Software Company

The company tagline is 'interactive software that brings digital displays to life' We create interactive software for things like touch screens in museums and visitor centres. Please see website for examples (this is a company rebran..

Interactive Technology Group

Group of programmers and artists specializing in consultation and original production for: - 3d game engines - 2d and 3d interactive experiences - Content creation tools - High end programming in this area - original 2d or 3d game..


Name for an Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk

We need a name for a new product, which is an interactive, touch screen, kiosk, to be used in stores where clients can browse products, find them in an interactive map of the store and see more information about the products. This pr..

Interactive Agency Name

We need something simple, creative, hipster like ideas for interactive agency name.

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