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International Name Contests

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International Name Contests

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International News Website

World news updates 24/7

Winner: PremierWorldNews.com

International Trading Company

Global Trader of essential food items. Name must convey to audience that the company is solid and experienced in providing quality products.

Winner: Integrexia.com

Catchy Name for International Business Training and Consulting Company

Hi, everyone! We are setting up a training and consulting company which suggests field-proven and innovative solutions in the sphere of personal and organizational effectiveness...

Winner: EverConsult.com

International Classified Ad Site

Word/ International Classified Ad Site, each country will have it's own extension of the name Short names preferred, not more than six alphabets. Other language spelling allowed Pick a catchy name.

Winner: Adpree.com

International Hotel Comparison Website

I'm looking for a domain (preferably available in both .com and .co.uk) for a hotel comparison website. I like clever domains such as TripTease.com onthebeach.co.uk and icelolly.co.uk and it would be great to find something similar avai..

Winner: Travante.com

International Business-2-Consumer Trading Platform

Looking to name a trading site focused on bringing international buyers and sellers together. Ideally the name would be short, less than **8 letters.**

Winner: Tradary.com

Ebay and Amazon International Search Website

We are looking for an easy remember-able domain name, for our website - overall search engine that will search all eBay and Amazon sites at once and show you items from all eBay’s over the world. You will be able to find your item for t..

Winner: DealHa.com

International Business Consultancy

Our firm will support tech companies in Europe coming into the USA - strategy - "be a bridge" - board advisers - set up in USA - business development - connecting / networking - VC fund raising

Winner: GatewaySmith.com

Seeking Name for International Entertainment Media Online Company

Need a short name it doesn't have to be a word in the dictionary, but I would like it to be one or two words. This is for a Family based website featuring, streaming media...

Winner: Squve.com

A Forum for Students of the International Baccalaureate (IB)

I am looking for a great name for a forum. The forum will adress all students of the International Baccalaureate "IB" (an educational program, which is taught around the world)...

Winner: IBTalks.com

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