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IT Website Name Contests

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YOUTUBE Channel Name for Video Games Tech Gadget and Digital Camera Reviews

I am trying to find a niche and kind of short name for my little project. I will be reviewing video games, tech gadgets digital cameras for a YouTube channel and Vimeo...

Winner: NerdyNTechie.com

International News Website

World news updates 24/7

Winner: PremierWorldNews.com

Hiking Camping Outdoors Ecommerce Website

Starting a website selling hiking and camping gear. Looking for domain name suggestions. Thank you.

Winner: TerrainHero.com

Tanning Mitt Set Name

I am looking for a name for my tanning mitt set. Target audience is female, young, and image conscious. It should sound good phonetically and look good visually

Winner: TanHeaven.com

Latin American Freelance Translator Website Name

Graduated linguist my combination is English to Spanish with experience in retail electricity and telecommunications industry. Familiar with extended jargon in different areas (besides the latter ones), beginning with Marketing, Entrepr..

Winner: VersantTranslations.com

Captions & Subtitles Campaign

I'm producing a video series about the importance of adding captions and subtitles to indie films and videos under the title "The Indie Filmmaker's Guide to Captions & Subtitles" and I'm trying to come up with a suitable domain name that..

Winner: LearnCaptions.com

Math Learning and Contest Site

A math based learning and contest site targeted towards mathematics enthusiasts (students, teachers, contributors, educationists, schools etc.) aged 13 and above. Need a name that is easy to pronounce and **should not have the word ..

Winner: Addemic.com

Brand Name for Kids Clothing Website/Store

Looking for a short brand name for clothing website. Site will be selling clothes, accessories, jewelry...

Winner: KidsFashionPlanet.com

Rename Contact Monitor

Currently called 'Contact Monitor' www.contactmonitor.com.au, we are looking for a name which is short, witty, modern and a little playful. A key requirement is that the .com domain name must be available...

Winner: Wyseye.com

Kid Food Recipe Site

I want to start a food site that focuses on recipes for parents to make for their children, from toddlers to teenagers. Children are notoriously fussy eaters and we want go give parents some fun ideas...

Winner: ApronGenius.com

Sara Keith

I design and create personalized vinyl decals for just about anything you can think of. (Tumblers, Mugs, Bumper Stickers, Iron-on for shirts, Home Decor, and much more) I’m looking for a simple, cute and/or easy name that people can re..

Winner: Decalista.com

Maternity Concept Store

My project was born due to the fact that I was pregnant and I did not find many good products on the market. I do not want to be a standard seller that has everything for pregnancy and maternity, I want to brig products that are” wow” a..

Winner: Materniful.com

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