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Smart Jewellery / NFC Rings

We are a startup designing Smart Fashionable Rings (for woman) that are based on NFC technology. Our rings work with most of the Androids and once tapped on the back of the phone they share information (business cards), link to websites..


Handmade Jewellery Website

I am starting a business to sell my jewellery. Looking for something short, memorable and easy to remember and spell...


Online Fashion/Jewellery Shop

Hi all, Looking for a name for a new Online shop that I am opening. To start, the products will be good value items such as scarves + earrings, with the view to branch out to more clothes such as t-shirts etc...


Online Jewellery Shop! (.Co.Nz)

We're looking for a name and URL for a new **online jewellery shop**. Only precious metals jewellery (no junk, plated, fashion or similar)...


Jewellery Brand

The company’s name is FinerRings - looking to update and rebrand. My name is Taiba Ash - my name means dove, I want something to convey minimal, on trend etc...


Foot Jewellery Website

A website that sells foot jewellery - toe rings, anklets, barefoot sandals. This type of jewellery is typically worn in the summer and often on the beach...


Online Jewellery Store With Universal Appealing Name!

1.Need a name for online jewelry store. We ll initially start of as a jewelry store then we ll expand into accessories and MAYBE handicrafts in the future...


Online Jewellery Retailer

I'm setting up an online marketplace for small jewellers in India to sell their products online. Basically like an etsy for jewellery...



We are looking for a name for new online jewellery store. It should be 1 to 3 words long, intriguing and enticing...


Online Jewellery Marketplace

We are looking to launch an on-line jewellery marketplace where customers can buy jewellery from £25 ($40) to £4,000 ($6,000) direct from the jewellery designer. Jewellery designers will be vetted by our in-house jewellery experts, ..


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