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Brand Name for a Home and Kitchen Essentials Company

Looking to build a brand that provides its customers with Simple, Modern, and Elegant living essentials and sells a range of products focusing around home/kitchen but are starting with home decors, living daily products. We want to be a..


Short Brand Name to Use for OEM Products in Kitchen & Home Products Market

I want a short and easy to pronounce and remember name which can be used as a brand name for my own brand of products (OEM products) in the kitchen and home products market and for sale on amazon. I plan to sell products like small k..


Brand Name for a Home Office and Kitchen Essentials Company.

We are looking for a brand name that provides its customers with Simple, Modern, and Elegant living essentials. These products are beautifully designed with a clean, minimalistic style...


Kitchen Gadget Brand Name

Hi, we are looking for a Brand Name for our Kitchen Products. Products will mainly be Kitchen Gadgets...


Small Kitchen Gadget/Supply Store

Kitchen gadgets and kitchen supplies stand located at a country market in rural Pennsylvania. Open one day a week but I would also like to have an on-line presence and sell the supplies at home shows in state of PA and Md.


Kitchen Remodelling

Looking to get a .com or .net for a kitchen remodelling business. she desgins and builds dream kitchens in the ny nj pa area (also known as the tri state area) would like it to be as short as possible


Brand & Domain for Kitchen Products

Hi, We need a Domain and Brand name for a Company that makes kitchen products, made from wood, but not necessary. Think of quality goods like Cutting boards, knives, utensils and so on The name should sound Gender Neutral Has to ..


Home and Kitchen Accessories Brand

Looking for name suggestions that is brand able for Kitchen and Home Products like cutting boards, coffee mugs, bedsheets etc. Name should be (1) Brandable (2) Pronounceable (3) Short (4) Intuitive and using broad keywords so brand name..


Brand Name for Kitchen Accessories

Hey, We are looking for a Brand name for our new Kitchen cutlery products line where we will be selling kitchen utensils or you can say kitchen cooking tools. Brand name should easy to pronounce and catchy can be one word or max ..


Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories Store

An store where you can find all kitchen based gadgets and tools to make your cooking experience more efficient and pleasant.


Home&Kitchen and Celebrating Materials. BRAND Name / COMPANY Name Required

BRAND name / COMPANY name for company which deals with home&kitchen and celebrating materials Keep it short. If possible beneath 10 letters (gifts, banners, cookies, pastries, gingerbread handmade painted cookies, flags for the p..


Premium/Luxury Kitchen Accessories Brand

Looking for sophisticated brand name for a new line of luxury kitchen accessories. (stainless steel/tungsten knives, kitchen scales etc) that evokes fine craftsmanship, sophisticated quality, and timeless appeal...


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