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Language Learning Name Contests

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Language Learning Name Contests

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Fitness and Language Training

We just started a cross-over business that combine fitness and language training. Targeting office workers in business district and students in the neighborhood...

Winner: SpeakAndSport.com

Language Website

Website for learning and teaching languages and language exchange!

Winner: Fluentrix.com

Language Learning

Learn a language from a private tutor. The site teaches many languages, including English. It should be fun and focused on the consumer, who is looking to learn a new language and enjoy doing so.

Winner: PlanetLinguist.com

Nonprofit Universal Language

I'm looking for a domain name for a nonprofit organization called Universal Language. They might rename the organization if your idea is really good.

Winner: Lingualls.com

Magazine About Body Language

I want a short, brandable, memorable name for a magazine relating to body language. The mag will cover many topics dealing will all aspects of body language; from acing a job interview, to spotting when someone is lying, to telling if ..

Winner: MannerMagazine.com

Language Learning Mobile App

I am looking for a name for my soon-to-be-created language learning mobile app. What makes this app special is that it uses intelligent tools to teach any user any language with minimal effort from the user...

Winner: Lingomatica.com

Language Learning App

This would be an (mobile and web) app for learning a foreign languages. Ideally not too long, and easy to spell.

Winner: EduDrive

A Platform for Learners and Professionals to Find Tutors and Trainers

Looking to build a location-based mobile app for learners and professionals to find tutors, trainers and educators to help realise their academic, musical or fitness goals. The platform contains a range of academic subjects and courses..

Winner: Tutorry.com

Math Learning and Contest Site

A math based learning and contest site targeted towards mathematics enthusiasts (students, teachers, contributors, educationists, schools etc.) aged 13 and above. Need a name that is easy to pronounce and **should not have the word ..

Winner: Addemic.com

E-Learning Tech

Hi, I want to build a website which has the Tech courses such as coding, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. available for free across the world...

Winner: TechyRoot.com

Linkedin Learning

I'm looking to name my social media marketing agency and want some ideas, let's be creative! I don't mind marketing to be at the end of the domain name or digital...

Winner: EpicDigitalLab.com


This will be an academy that provides instruction in various performing and visual arts: dance, theatre, music, painting, digital media, etc. It will cater to all ages, from very young children to adults...

Winner: JoyOfArts.com

Learn to Draw

This contest is to choose a domain name for a website that will have drawing lessons. It would be great the domain name was easy to remember...

Winner: TheDrawingLessons.com

Interesting Name for Elearning Startup

We are a startup e-learning company, where we design and create training / learning content and make it available for people on an online platform. Our expertise lies in creating content in the areas of banking, finance and insurance...

Winner: Finabilities.com

Educational Personalized Learning Platform

This is an educational platform that brings all possible academic subjects (math, science, language, etc) to maximize learner’s efficiency on learning through personalized program. Let’s imagine a personal AI(Artificial Intelligence) le..

Winner: Educlid.com

Names for an Online Learning Platform

Looking for names for an e-learning platform. Should be at most three syllables if possible. Could potentially feature a derivative of latin words around learning or teaching. Or a part/play on a famous philosophers name?

Winner: Eludum.com

Domain Name for the E-Learning Platform (LMS)

Hi, we are looking for a new domain name for our e-learning platform (LMS - learning management system). This is something similar to coursera.com, skillshare.com, udemy.com etc

Winner: Coursetter.com

Science - Learning Company for Children

I am looking for a company name for a company that will focus on science projects and lessons for children ages 8+. Looking for a fun word that is appealing to kids - something made up would be great...

Winner: BrainyKidLab.com

Website for Learning Games Videos Songs Etc.

Website for education games, videos, songs, articles, teacher tips etc. The name needs to be short and simple, fun and easy to remember

Winner: Eduxtive.com

Learning Information Platform

Professional development database Connecting Content Providers with Consumers looking for content and information

Winner: Exposkill.com

Online Health Platform Based on Blended Learning

We are putting our last touches to a project that will provide users with affordable eftective e-therapy focusing on stress, depression and anxiety. The portal will be based on structured cognitive programmes and will combine psycho..

Winner: WiseOut.com

Brand Name for E-Learning Platform LMS

I want a strong product name i can use our e-learning system which completes with competitors like moodle, blackboard, canvas, articulate, frog, traindom, learnable, talentLMS, learnupon etc. I want a strong brand name which is easy ..

Winner: Learnory.com

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