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Peer to Peer Lending Site

We are looking for a brand name of a new peer to peer lending site.


Commercial Bank Lending in the Dominican Rep and Raising Capital in the US

UPDATE: I have partially liked many of the names below, but still no cigar. I realize that I like unique names, that have a positive connotation, but the name does not necessarily mean something...


Local Tool Lending/Borrowing/Renting Site

Need a name for a site where users will list photos and descriptions of all their tools (hammers, saws, rakes, etc) that are available for people in the area to borrow or rent from them. The site will serve dual purposes: 1...


International Lending Business

I need a name for international lending business that will serve customers through website or an app and will provide option to buy goods and pay later with several interest free installments. I am looking for a short name, preferab..


Brandname for Fast Loan / Payday Lending Company

Brandname for payday lending (short term cash loans) company. Generic words that does not mean anything work quite well...


Fast Loan / Payday Lending Company Name

Brandname for payday lending (short term cash loans) company. Generic words that does not mean anything work quite well...


Crowdfunding/ Peer to Peer Lending Platform - Catchy Domain Name NEEDED!

We are developing a crowdfunding/lending platform that is going to be be a place for investors and borrowers or capital seekers to meet and connect. This platform is going to be the one and only place for people to come to raise capital..


Consumer Lending Website

Start-up focused on delivering the next generation of web based mortgage lending in the B2C channel. The primary deliverables are to dramatically improve the efficiency and overall user experience in the online mortgage shopping, applic..


Pier to Pier Lending Portal

We are looking for a name for pier to pier lending portal. Taking in to account social aspect.


Global P2P Lending Site With Community Focus

Name should be appealing to both borrowers and lenders. We have a strong community focus, and are helping people get freed of the high interest rates they are currently paying...


Small Business Lending Service

Our company is an online lending platform where small businesses can have their loans funded at affordable rates through an extremely fast and simple application process. Funding for these loans comes from institutional investors (pensi..

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