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Loan Name Contests

Loan Store

Online loan store that specializes in $2,000 to $5,000 size loans. The installment loans have longer term and better interest rates than payday stores.


Brandname for Fast Loan / Payday Lending Company

Brandname for payday lending (short term cash loans) company. Generic words that does not mean anything work quite well...

Unique/Catchy/Bold Name-Online Personal/Small/Medium Business Loan Company

Looking for a unique/catchy/bold business name for an online personal loan and small/medium business loan company *must be available for domain registration -easy to brand, create a unique logo for, easy to create a slogan, mobile f..

Online Home Loans

We are building a new online home loan business in Australia ( Strangely, we already have a mascot and logo but have hit a hurdle with some trademark issues...

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