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Location Based Deal Feed

Definitely want something short and memorable. 6 to 8 letters. Definitely want something memorable, and visible. Ie. Dealdog.com, Dealster.com

Winner: Buzzeals.com

Geolocation Bulletin Board App Name

It´s a name for a geolocation bulletin board app that let users know what people are saying arround them. You go in and find what people said in a 2 mile radius...

Winner: Bii.io

Location Based Mobile Software Company

This is a rename of an existing startup which needs new branding. The current company name is DimDrop which is a combination of Dimension and Drop (Digital Representation Of a Place)...

Winner: SightStreamer.com

Location-Based Discovery App

Our app finds interesting people around you, people who have the same interests of you. We need either the name for a "virtual guide" which helps people enlarging their network or, a creative name which is not necessary related t..

Winner: Scanzu.com

Location Based Marketing

Location Based Platform for advertising and marketing as it relates to location-specific opportunities. Send SMS when prospective consumer is near a store...

Winner: LocallyGo.com

Name for New Event Location Startup

We're looking for a snappy name for our event startup. Basically it's a website/mobile app that pulls in social media data and shows events (nightlife, clubs, parties, ...) surrounding your area...

Winner: Outria.com

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