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Locations Name Contests

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Location Based Deal Feed

Definitely want something short and memorable. 6 to 8 letters. Definitely want something memorable, and visible. Ie. Dealdog.com, Dealster.com

Winner: Buzzeals.com

Geolocation Bulletin Board App Name

It´s a name for a geolocation bulletin board app that let users know what people are saying arround them. You go in and find what people said in a 2 mile radius...

Winner: Bii.io

Location Based Mobile Software Company

This is a rename of an existing startup which needs new branding. The current company name is DimDrop which is a combination of Dimension and Drop (Digital Representation Of a Place)...

Winner: SightStreamer.com

Location-Based Discovery App

Our app finds interesting people around you, people who have the same interests of you. We need either the name for a "virtual guide" which helps people enlarging their network or, a creative name which is not necessary related t..

Winner: Scanzu.com

Location Based Marketing

Location Based Platform for advertising and marketing as it relates to location-specific opportunities. Send SMS when prospective consumer is near a store...

Winner: LocallyGo.com

Name for New Event Location Startup

We're looking for a snappy name for our event startup. Basically it's a website/mobile app that pulls in social media data and shows events (nightlife, clubs, parties, ...) surrounding your area...

Winner: Outria.com

Non-Profit IP Geolocation Site

Looking for ideas for domain names for a non-profit new website that will provide IP geolocation services to webmasters. Similar sites: http://freegeoip.net http://www.hostip.info http://www.geoiptool.com http://www.tracemyip.org

Winner: Geoipkit.com

Social Website for Finding Local Activities and Interesting Locations

This is a website and mobile app that shows people activities that others are doing nearby and also locations of fun places like hiking trails, movie theaters, concerts, bowling alleys, bike rentals, ski areas, etc. People can create an..

Winner: Funlife.com

Tool for Demographic Profiling of People in Any Given Location

This is a B2B tool which allows to determine demographic profiles of people in any given location, both in real time and historically. The client tells a location and is given basic data about gender, age, income brackets etc...

Winner: Demograft.com

Location Tracking Service

We're launching a new product that helps track a mobile device (smart phone, normal phone, GPS device, anything with a SIM card) down to a few hundred meters with just a phone number. This will be used primarily for logistics companies ..

Winner: TrackNear.com

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