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Gaming/Entertainment News Magazine

International Online news magazine for gaming and entertainment news, guides, reviews. Mainly focus on Survival and Roleplay games as well as twitch & netflix news. Domain ending would be .news

Domain Name for a Cartoon Style Graphic Novel/Magazine

We are looking for a domain name/brand for a Cartoon style graphic novel/magazine (think the cartoonists from NYtimes as an example). We are thinking of using a stick figure style ( - so ple..

Guitar Media/Education/Magazine Website

Looking for a .com domain name for an online magazine and education site focused on guitar players. Including the word 'guitar' in the name is preferred...

Cat Online Magazine & Blog - Brandable and Funny Name

Need a short, memorable, brandable name of a blog and news site on cats. Think funny words like meow, purr, furr, paw ...

Magazine Site Name

I'm starting a podcast magazine where I'll do interviews, reviews and lifestyle. Looking for a good domain name that will catch peoples eyes...

New Online Technology Magazine

I'm launching a new funky online technology magazine and looking for a good name for it. The mag will cover everything from news, editorials, announcements and even interviews, reviews and tips on how to survive a technology and social ..

College Humor Magazine

I'm launching a college humor magazine at my school, UC Berkeley (known around campus as simply "Cal"). Articles will be written in the style of The Onion or Best names will be punny and be relevant to our school by i..

Fun Domain Name for a Lifestyle Magazine

I am building an online lifestyle magazine similar to LIFED.COM. It will be an online hot spot where people can learn to maxmize every area of their life- including career, health, productivity, fitness, personal finance, relationships..

News Magazine Site

News Magazine for online reading. Would prefer news related domain names, or single word lifestyle brandnames

Fun Domain Name for Lifestyle Magazine

I am building an online lifestyle magazine similar to It will be an online hot spot where people can learn to maximize every area of their life - including career, health, productivity, fitness, personal finance, relationship..

Magazine About Body Language

I want a short, brandable, memorable name for a magazine relating to body language. The mag will cover many topics dealing will all aspects of body language; from acing a job interview, to spotting when someone is lying, to telling if ..

Sophiscated Magazine for Men

Digital online magazine with weekly articles. Example of possible articles: - "Fine dining in Paris" - "Electric sports cars...

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