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Name for a New Travel and Information Map App

Creating a new app that will allow users to see different information points around them (I.e hotels, jobs, houses etc). This is a twist on what has already been done in the market...


New Name for Community Mapping Tool (Formerly Called Imap)

Creative Associates, an international development company, has acquired iMAP Ventures, a mapping tool for documenting the people, places, programs and opportunities that make a positive difference in a community. iMAP helps citizens, es..


News Stories Mapped Down to the Local Level

Looking for a name for a start up. Lots of mapped local news stories nationwide. some stories will be user submitted. Should be an aggregating site for news, as well as a worldwide hub for local and national information.


Deaf (And Related) Dating With Matchmaking and Local Search Mapping Options

A new type of dating site solely for the Deaf community (and Hard of Hearing, ASL fans, hearing people interested in community, etc). There will be options for matchmaking for easy pairing choices, and tools for searching for local peop..


K12 Education Copywriting Comapny

I need a name for my copywriting business. I am a PhD candidate and educational consultant who writes and knows how to sell into the K12 market...

Office Maps

Need a name for Office Map software that allows you to find people and their location. We need a name that also has the .com domain available...

Start-Up: Maple Syrup Company

Need a 2 or 3 word name for our company that will sell maple syrup and maple sugar. Should sound "natural" and "homey" and personable...